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I'm 16 y.o.
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Hello from DualGlocks from Edmonton, Alberta

Hello, Tyler here (dualGlocks) just intro for myself here. I'm 16, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I mainly play paint ball as got into it at a young age from a older buddy, and never was old enough for airsoft. I play for my own team, and run my own team every weekend with 10 solid players and sponsors, so im a pretty serious guy, no fooling around when it comes to that. Ive played paint ball for 6 years almost and pay for all my gear and everything .

Reason im here: I play airsoft with buddies, and i like airsoft, only problem is im 16 and not of age, which in most places, like my city, you can not play unless 18 years or older, so kinda a bummer. I'm more of a sniper, have all my gear, vest, pouches, camo, ghillie suit ect.. My guns are VSR Custom - Metal fluted barrel, all redone trigger system, spring (550 and up), scope 4x32. My other gun is a DPS M4 ( crappy, first gun, but i love it, and dont use it much as my sniper is my prim, so it works) has a sick paint job on it. My pistol i will order soon is a 1911 or a M9, still seeing.

Thats just a little about me though. Thanks!
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