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^^^^ See the posts above where we say we should be adding to the discussion instead of counter arguing points made ^^^^

I don't if anyone has noticed... but the word "clone" is being used. Now what does that tell us? Maybe it could mean they're compatible with the original non-cloned gun parts?

Look, the thing with clones is, they're not all exact copies, they have terrible quality control, and thus are prone to being lemons.

Jagdalex, you just said the clone rifle is compatible with aftermarket parts like the original; that after you upgraded it so much it isn't even a TSD L96 anymore, and it performs better slightly then the original make just by a little?

He proved it himself, he bought a clone for say... ~250$, plus the 500$ or so in upgrades... ~700$ in total for a gun he can also get for just under twice that (~475$) with half the amount of upgrades and still perform well (~150$). (like TM VSR10 stock plus PDI upgrades=~650$)
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