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Well I have to say that I have a TSD L96 which is exactly the same thing as a Well L96 and for myself I refused to pay for a TM or Maruzen at Canadian premium price, to have all the internals removed anyway and getting after market products.

Well L96 are excellent and the after market parts made for the Maruzen Type 96 fits perfectly well inside. My PDI hop-up fit perfectly well as well as the Modify Type 96 parts and aftermarket TB barrel. So all in all for less than $500 CAD I have TSD 96 with everything upgraded save for the trigger group (no need since I don't shoot above 450 FPS with it anyway) no need for zero trigger.

That totally out performs a stock Maruzen that would have cost me minimum the same price but bone stock.

I know someone who has a maruzen with minimal upgrades and my clone is WAY more accurate than his.

So yeah alot of people don't really know what they are talking about related to clone sniper rifle. Not all clones are garbage and lots of people don't know shit indeed about what they are talking about, always saying that clones are garbage no matter what...
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