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Originally Posted by leth1337 View Post
A) have you ever used them?
B) my well L96 is a laserbeam
That isn't either of the two models that were listed. I've worked with WELL L96s for a good 3 years, I even owned one. They are good rifles, those listed are not.

Originally Posted by leth1337 View Post
C) as a first sniper rifle they aren't shit as the knowledge required for sniper style play is more easily gained when you can practice without breaking the bank
D) since you only seem to spew out shit you must be full of it
It is wise not to mouth off to a respected member of the community, and if you interpret his knowledge as such, then you really have no place to comment.

And breaking the bank when it comes to sniper rifles isnt in reference to buying the guns, it's a reference to fixing, upgrading, maintaining them as opposed to buying the guns he listed.

Also, a member of this community did an overview of the WELL SR Pro Tactical, watch it, you'll see why this community looks poorly on clone rifles
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