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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Don't waste your time dude.

Just because a gun is designated as a sniper rifle doesn't give it immediate advantages over an AEG.

Think of it this way. A stock Bolt action will shoot almost exactly as a stock AEG will.

AEG's are more accurate in the sense of 'Accuracy through volume.'

With a bolt action, you're left with a single shot. You'll be left at a complete disadvantage.

Another note : The two rifles you listed are genuine potmetal china shit, a waste of money. If you want to take up a sniper role, your only real option is to buy quality platforms such as a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 (TM, no clone.) or an actual Maruzen or Classic Army APS-2 system.

There is no real way around it, and in finality you will be paying out of your ass to get the gun shooting right.

Buy an AEG.

Also, I figure I might as well just answer your questions.

Pro and cons on both
Pro's : None.
Cons : They're shit.

Which is better out the box
Neither, they're shit.

Which has a better upgrade selection
From what I understand, they're both 'Maruzen' clones in a sense, but being trashy china pot metal clone guns any actual use of upgrades will be fustrating. They won't fit in properly, and to even get a mild effect you're looking into replacing 90% of the gun.

So in short, Neither. They're shit.

And anything anyone wants to add tips and such
See above.
A) have you ever used them?
B) my well L96 is a laserbeam
C) as a first sniper rifle they aren't shit as the knowledge required for sniper style play is more easily gained when you can practice without breaking the bank
D) since you only seem to spew out shit you must be full of it
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