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Don't waste your time dude.

Just because a gun is designated as a sniper rifle doesn't give it immediate advantages over an AEG.

Think of it this way. A stock Bolt action will shoot almost exactly as a stock AEG will.

AEG's are more accurate in the sense of 'Accuracy through volume.'

With a bolt action, you're left with a single shot. You'll be left at a complete disadvantage.

Another note : The two rifles you listed are genuine potmetal china shit, a waste of money. If you want to take up a sniper role, your only real option is to buy quality platforms such as a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 (TM, no clone.) or an actual Maruzen or Classic Army APS-2 system.

There is no real way around it, and in finality you will be paying out of your ass to get the gun shooting right.

Buy an AEG.

Also, I figure I might as well just answer your questions.

Pro and cons on both
Pro's : None.
Cons : They're shit.

Which is better out the box
Neither, they're shit.

Which has a better upgrade selection
From what I understand, they're both 'Maruzen' clones in a sense, but being trashy china pot metal clone guns any actual use of upgrades will be fustrating. They won't fit in properly, and to even get a mild effect you're looking into replacing 90% of the gun.

So in short, Neither. They're shit.

And anything anyone wants to add tips and such
See above.

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