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It didn't feel right introducing myself before I got age verified. Now that my AV is waiting to get updated, I might as well tell you guys a bit about myself.

I live in Mississauga and you can call me Iskaryot(Iscariot), Kary, or my real name. I just turned 18 recently and I am an ethnic Chinese. My favourite military faction is the Chinese People's Liberation Army; part of that may be due to my ethnic origins. However, it's mostly their innovation and liberal spirit with technology that I admire. As for my political beliefs, religious beliefs, or other beliefs, you'd have to ask me in person if you really care. Same goes for my hobbies, it's better ask me in person.

The reason I got interested in airsoft is solely because FPS games are not real enough. Even games like ArmA2 or Project Reality cannot simulate our environment to even a fraction of its worth. I want to learn tactics that real soldiers use. I want to run around and get tired or get cut. I want to invite friends to outdoor games instead of sweating in my bedroom. I want to meet new people. In short, I am interested in modern warfare(not the game) and I just want to have fun.

If you ever see a skinny guy in Type 07 uniform with a matching plastic sniper's veil who's always wearing silver goggles, chances are that's me. Feel free to say hello to me, give me advice on airsoft, throw food or money at me, but mostly I'd rather have you covering my six.

Looking forward to airsofting with you all.
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