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New to the Forum

Hi all.

I am Pete Holt from Yorkshire in the UK, I am 29 years young (I just look older due to the uphill paper round!) and I am Ex Job.

I am Currently going through the process of staying in Canada permanently as my Canadian girlfriend will kill me if I go back

Back on track... I have been involved in Airsoft in the UK for the last 8 years. Played at many sites but I found a home at Cerberus Airsoft in Yorkshire for 2 and a half years prior to moving out to Canada.
My involvement there included Marshalling, game set up, helping organize Mil Sims and digging holes and making good bacon sandwiches ! I was a member of Damocles, a team hosted by Cerberus.

I currently don't have my gear in Canada.
So playing at events will have to wait.
As I have found out through Oborous and Jeff Baker it isn't straight forwards in bringing Airsoft equipment (Rifles and Pistols especially) in to Canada but I have the info that I require and the links to the "How to section" from the CBSA. So that is a work in progress.
Eventually I hope to get involved in the community around Edmonton and in time join a team.

My main focus for playing Airsoft is on Mil Sim events and having fun. The more realistic and the longer the time frame, the better.

My biggest dislike of Airsoft is : I can't handle people who have issues with Newbies (If they have some sense and are willing to learn then every concession as to lack of experience should be given to them IMO) Regardless how long the veterans have played, we must remember we all started somewhere.

Rant over!

I hope thats enough info on me and I look forwards to getting out ASAP and meeting all those I can and seeing what the community in Canada is like and all about.

Thanks again.

Pete Holt
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