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Originally Posted by Gadoury View Post
All laws are similar. If you dont know about them, then restrain the use of the gun to your basement. As it's been said, use common sence. Don't use it in public places. Always apply the 4 rules of fire arMs handling. Get av. And the need for you to request infos about that shows that you are not ready to use such items.
Needing to ask about something that's common sense is vastly different from needing a clarification in regards to legal issues. It's always good to know about the law regardless of what you are or are not planning to do. For example, in some countries, it's illegal to eat an orange in a bathroom. Laws are not always made with common sense in mind (I'm sure most Canadian airsofters agree on that one). So when the law goes contrary to common sense, asking for info actually SHOWS one is ready to use such items.

p.s. I did get AV'd, just waiting for the update
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