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New Airsoft laws?

Ok, haven't been on here in a while, I've basically been doing what everyone else has said for those under 18 to do is wait until you're 18, BUT theres been some stuff going on recently which has re-drawn my attention.

The first of which are these new full-metal/black guns available through CAS and Mach 1 Airsoft. What has changed that makes this legal? When did this happen? Mach 1 Airsoft is even bringing in select Classic Army and ARES guns, whats the full story?

The second, theres a store near me which is a paint ball store, but since the new ownership and the field now having air soft walk-ons, the store now sells Airsoft guns as well. Rumor has it, the store can get you Any gun you want. This seems sketchy, I mean, if theres new laws, then why doesn't all these Airsoft retailers start bringing in any guns they can? Thats why half of me thinks its bullshit, but if its true, it also seems very illegal.

Maybe a bit of clarification on the matter?
Thanks guys.
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