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Its inevitable regardless what I say that there will always be those that refuse to or are simply to lazy to read the rules. Well effective right now this comes to a halt. Your ignorance is not my issue. As a member of this forum you all should be familiar with the rules. I have always thought of myself as an easy going understanding person with much patience however being patient only gets you so far.

Effectively immediately I will ban any user for 24 hours that I catch violating rules number 5 or 6.

I will list them here again for your viewing pleasure.

5) Do not bump with "BANANA", "SPF" or "SOLD": just edit it into one of your existing posts

6) Creating a new post just to add information or pictures IS CONSIDERED A BUMP! If you have new information to add, and the time period has not yet expired since your last valid post, then just add this new information in to the last post or in to the original post!

If you lose your sales deal because of your 24 hour ban, its none of my concern.
My only concern is users abiding by forum rules. Your ignorance is not my problem. The rules are extremely easy to follow and if I have to make an example out of a few of you then so be it.

Like the other staff I have the ban hammer but also have ban chloroform as well and I will not hesitate to put you out for 24 hours and stick you in the ASC's time out cellar to teach you lesson.

You have all been warned.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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