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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
Parts gun is a gun i would buy just to use for spare parts. since some of these guns are dirt cheap, its sometimes cheaper and easier to buy a whole gun then just the part your looking for.

for example. lets pretend the air nozzle broke, which could happen. because this gun has three barrels, it has three air nozzles all connected. this part is difficult to find and would probably cost ~30 bucks and a ton to time finding it. now i live in windsor so i have the luxury of a close proximity to the states.

i can buy an entire gun in the states for around 60 bucks. ship it to a friends house and take all the parts off of it that would make it illegal to import. now i bought the part i needed, and the rest of the parts just incase. with the added benefit of buying a gun with a full stock if i want one.

the outer "body" parts of this gun would be the only thing you would nee to take off. so the outer barrel, the shroud that sits over the trigger area. stuff like that, which probably not be at risk of breaking unless i'm really rough with the gun.
Right well, I didn't see any shotguns for sale so classified I go once my AV'er updates me
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