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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
Does the Gen 3 Pro come shipped with the stock spring? If so at what FPS?

I just ordered one of those and it says it comes with the M140 spring at 435fps

What im not sure about, but i have read on many posts and on the net, that it also comes with an M120 spring so you can down grade it when you get the gun. Not 100% sure tho.



For the SRC's here are the 5 differences between the Gen III and the Gen III Pro:

Gen III has tinted glass fiber lower receiver, Gen III Pro has aluminum lower receiver
Gen III has M120 spring, Gen III Pro has M140 spring
Gen III has 6.05mm tightbore barrels, Gen III Pro has 6.03mm super tight bore barrels
Gen III has steel gear set, Gen III Pro has helical cut steel gear set
Gen III has regular motor pinion gear, Gen III Pro has CNC steel motor pinion gear.

For these 5 upgrades, you are only paying $50 more.

We are required to put in M140 springs into the full metal Gen III Pro's, otherwise they are prohibited for import (metal lower makes these replica firearms if shooting lower than 430fps).

For details of what internals the Gen III Pro's come with, please see the STANDARD FEATURE list on the top of this page here:

Hope this helps. I have been researching like crazy lol.. hard to find info on this gun. But once i get mine i will post up a review in detail on it, Next week hopefully.

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