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Element Airsoft no longer available

As many of you know, I have been dealing with Element Airsoft for these past few months. A long time airsoft manufacturer, I felt that Element has struck a balance between cost and quality control.

When I was trying to place my last order I was met with disturbing news that they were "temporarily" shut down. I learned from another contact in China that they had been making guns (airsoft) at their factory and that this is illegal in China. They have been BUSTED!

I am left scrambling for new supplies of parts.

Element is in for some hard times. I wish them well, they were good to deal with and honest. Their product line was improving by leaps and bounds.

I hope they can get out of this bind they are in.

Does anyone with China contact have any more info on this? I tried google but this story is not public yet. I bring it first to ASC!

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