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I have a Crosman S34P myself and quite enjoy it. As has been said already, don't take it apart more than you have to. I did and mine is fine, but some of the tabs are a little cracked, so be wary. I find with .28g BBs you can get almost 80 feet at a one foot spread. I have ran it as a primary and will admit that it is sub-par for that. The box says that it has a "Slam Fire" feature on it, hold the trigger, pump, and it will shoot right away. Don't do that. It will mess up your sears really fast. The Crosman one also has pointless iron sights. They sit lower than the receiver making them almost impossible to use I have used mine side by side with a TSD, his was a nicer quality, the fake bolt was more realistic looking but with 28s vs his 20s, I out-ranged his. Internals are the same in all of them, so really the difference is whether or not you want a stronger external housing or not.
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