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I'll help...

First and foremost...guns, even "toy" ones...should be used responsibly. Even if the airsoft gun you want to get is to shoot your buddies and giggle like a kid (we still do that) it should be done safely and at an appropriate venue.

Then...set a budget and stick to it. That will largely dictate what options you have. If you see things that are above and beyond your budget...simply decide if you need to wait and save up more.

The cheap shotguns are just that...quite cheaply made and nothing stellar to note. Their internals are plastic, fragile and do not suffer hard use very much. They're typically underpowered and "weak". So from that perspective, buy whichever one you want. Some guys have said that the crossman one is pretty good for the price though.

So far as which specific one is better than another...just Google "xxxxxx review" (i.e. UTG shotgun review). You'll get tons of results and probably find a bunch of pics and reviews. (Keep in mind that a lot of reviews of cheapo guns seem to be written up by kids who could only afford to buy cheapo guns...and their reviews tend to be a bit biased)

While I can appreciate that a cheap one might only cost $80..I'd rather not piss away that $80. IMHO, I think they're all really sh*tty and fragile and I find it a bit silly when a "shotgun" only shoots 1 projectile at a time.

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