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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Lol it's cause apparently people confuse you with Kingsix all the time

Anyways yeah, the clearsoft S34P is the one you want. At $69.99 on sale it's a decent buy and great if you "salt and pepper" your BB's with a mix of .20's .25's and .28's so that you get a good random spread when you're firing (if that's your thing).

But again be careful, it's fragile and the screws can easily strip and you can crack the body. A coat of Krylon matte black and you're good to go pretty much. Also, shells may be ordered from outside the country, since it's a TM clone you can use TM shells I think they go for like $14 USD for like a 6 pack and add in shipping and stuff and I think you're sitting at around $20-25 for a pack of shotgun shells.
By the way, I heard TSD, DE, UTG, and Crossman shotguns are actually made by the same company. And TSD apparently has a metal outer-barrel and the pump-slide thing. Anyone can confirm if the TSD is more durable than the S34P, or does it break just as easily?

Originally Posted by FACE View Post
Are you asking us?

You'll be able to run into a few age verifiers at the convention if you'd like. Check out who's going to be there on the Toronto Convention thread.

I think I'll just ask around once I'm there :P
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