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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
Ok, stop typing and do some research, every one of your posts tags you further as an imbecile.

Pay attention here and you may learn something for once in your life.

Let's say there is one "outer" barrel (that's the big barrel that looks like the one on a real gun) inside that, there will be three "inner" barrels (they're small and usually look like some kind of brass, these don't exist on a real gun) the shell will load one BB into each of these per movement of the action, although more than one movement of the action without firing the gun will damage it. This is what's meant by "Multi Barrel action", it has nothing to do with "Double barrel shotguns"
He's right, what the fuck is your problem? Multi-barrel shotguns shoot 1 BB per barrel, exactly like he says/thinks.

He never said anything about double barrel shotguns or any of that jazz.

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