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Unhappy Long time Airsoft Parts Producer Element Raided

Many of you know that I have been dealing with Element Airsoft for this past half year and that I have been impressed by their efforts to step up their quality game. Already a leader in the price area, the Element brand has suffered over the years with knowledgeable airsofters in the quality control area.

I was impressed with my first small order (a test of a couple hundred different products), and their new products were all well made. They had switched almost entirely to 7075 aluminum and steel for metal parts. Polymers used to make their "Magpul" line are top notch and have withstood the test of extended use. Internal components were being given a complete overhaul and new items were being added to the catalogue. The quality was arriving and I was excited about this opportunity to bring the "new" Element to the Canadian Airsoft Community.

Well, as it turns out, the stock I have right now is about all I, or anyone else, is probably going to get. I cannot believe that all the work I did to set up this distributorship is now worthless.


After being impressed by my initial test order, I waited until the Chinese holidays were over in February and sent a large order to my contact, "Leo", with Element. The response I got was very troublesome. He said he was unable to fill my order and that due to some "problems" his company may have "to cease operations for a few months".

Well, after all my work and investment I had to find out more. Another contact in China told me that the Element factory "has make guns, too which is illegal in this country - what a pity!" That is exactly what the person told me. Of course I do not speak Chinese and my contacts do their best to communicate in English with me.

So there it is, I rolled the dice with Element and now I am scrambling for new suppliers. I will never get the prices for the quality materials that I had with Element. I wish them luck with their problems over the coming hard times. I found them all to be nothing but professional, honest and a pleasure to deal with.

Can any other members, especially those with strong Chinese ties get more details on this. Despite any grudges some people have because of former quality issues, they are a long time member of the Airsoft manufacturing community. I tried Google and this story is not even public yet. I don't know many details but some of you may be able to get the details.

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