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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
turns out some summer students were having drunking springer fights in the hallways. one night i heard them shooting, so i popped out with my M4 and started spraying!
I hope you were shooting under 350 and using .20's.... cause that was probably well below the MED's

You should know better though don't go full auto at 350 FPS and use heavier BB's cause 295 with .28's in CQB is just a dick move (even if it's in semi).

Weirdest place for me.... a .12 embedded in my mandarin oranges (left out on the kitchen table). My roommate got a springer and was shooting at a piece of cardboard (that was true though the cardboard did have a bunch of holes in it) and apparently the BB's "ricocheted" into my mandarins.... Yeah sure buddy (and again they were .12's). My roommates don't know I play and if I had a Hi-Capa Extreme with a NineBall barrel, hiflow valves, 50 round mag, and some .28's.....

Other than that, second weirdest was probably in my cooking oil at least there was only like a fifth of the jug left. Seriously..... now granted we did start putting random shit in there after like some crappy wine, milk, mouldy cheese and stuff but that was after I found the BB in my oil.
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