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The ones that I wear. Made in Italy. I hate wearing glasses underneath goggles so I got these instead. Good for any sports, not just airsoft. Since its small, you can carry them in your pocket. Depending on what type of lens you buy, it may be expensive or prone to scratches. Impact as well as scratch resistant lens alone may cost around $200. Or like me, you can get cheaper ones that can scratch more easily while being impact resistant. Never go for the scratch resistant but non-impact resistant ones, cause u can buy a new pair of lens, but not a new pair of eyes(yet). Also, they are not bullet resistant, as bullet-proof glass cannot be made into prescription lens.

EDIT:Manufactured in accordance with EU directive 89/686/eec and en166:2001

The reason I was talking about lens is because they are prescription lens, and needs to be manufactured by another company. It's not fault of mine if you get lens that aren't in accordance with EU directive 89/686/eec, en166:2001 OR ANSI Z87.1 depending on where you buy it from. However, the Frame IS manufactured in accordance with EU directive 89/686/eec and en166:2001

TL;DR These are Safety goggles.

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