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OK, I am done with giving him the benefit of the doubt, has had WAY MORE then enough time to pay back everybody a few times over.

I contacted him at the start of the month, I decided that him paying me anything over the next 2 months was better then nothing. I gave him until the end of the feb to get the first payment to me, or I would be calling the Halifax regional police fraud department.

He offered me $25 (11.5% of what he owes me)................ He does not even owe me that much! like come on....

$25 is unacceptable after all this time.

I will be calling the fraud department this week, I STRONGLY urge all others that are still owed money from him to do so as well. If you don't complain, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. I am sure he is still well over $1000 in debt to us, that is a number that will get the police moving.

Halifax Regional Police Fraud Unit (902)-490-1985

If you know anybody effected by him, please pass that number on to them and encourage them to call in and report.

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