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Originally Posted by Stitch_626_75 View Post
Hi all,

My name is Victoria, I haven't come up with a callsign yet but hoping one day to have one. I started playing with a friend in Calgary and have played a few indoor games. I've been playing with a SIG Sauer P226 borrowed from a friend and any info on using/care/maintenance or any info would be greatly appreciated!


Take a pander through the gundoc and FAQ sections. Lots of useful info there.

However basic things you should always do that aren't that hard is cleaning your equipment. It doesn't mean taking apart the whole gun to clean it and rebuilding it form scratch (like race car drivers do, but then again they're sponsored and companies pay big bucks to put their logo on these cars) but simply wiping down externals, drying out your gun if it's wet, and in general taking care of it goes a long way. If you get a bit more adventurous then cleaning the inner barrel and putting grease in the right place in your internals works wonders increasing durability/mitigating hard wear/stress on the internals.

A guy named Six4 has a basic weapon maintenance video that you can find here:

PS: I assume you're talking about Laser Trek? I should really make the trip there one day but lack of a car and Trek being like 2 and a half hours from where I live is kind of a turn off. Maybe I'll get a co-op placement at Suncor or Syncrude or something one day....
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