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ESS strike XT are the most bang per buck (about 50$ + shipping on they are the same as the fan goggles that sell for about a 180$ (minus the fan) you can install a micro computer 12v fan yourself, a switch and use a 9v battery for less than 20$!!!

But... if you intend to wear a helmet... go with the aircraft carrier deck operation goggles, they have extension wings that position the elastic band for wear with helmet


(Ps: I only use my fan to defog in extrem condition... like 4 5 minutes per game... but if you cant remove the fog that forms on your prescription goggle... your screwed)

(Ps2: Get fogtech for your prescription glasses if you don't intend to install a fan... but you will eventually... )

(Ps3: To install the fan simply sew it to the holes in the frame after removing the foam (a MUST) anyway and cutting of the circle (you'll understand when you see it ((easier to remove for major cleanning + plus roll a piece of carboard over the battery BEFORE taping... think battery replacement)) you get about 8 hours per battery)

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