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Originally Posted by Outcast569 View Post
revisions with the RX inserts are amazing. Plastic Soldier Airsoft sells them here in calgary.
Yeah, the revisions are nice, my RX inserts normally hit my eyelashes (you will see some other people also complain about this as everyone is different), but for the revision, my eyelashes don't brush against it while still being very low profile goggles... (Way thinner than paintball goggles, and obviously thinner than any OTG goggles)

I have not tried ESS inserts so no idea on that ye, but should be just as good.

Since you're close to the GTA, you could also go to TAC 11, they will probably have various goggles for you to try on.

Fan may be recommended imo because if the goggles don't fog, your rx insert lenses might...

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