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Originally Posted by Cpl T. Syndrome View Post
Oh but it least that's how I feel..We're out to have fun and not hurt anyone..Don't get me wrong I like bein the big dog and bein feared. But in the end it's just a game and at the end of it, I like the fact I can hang at the camp fire when it's all over and make friends with the guys I lite up.Trust me dude if you were on the receivin end of my saw and I didn't hear ya, you wouldn't be thinkin it was your fault..

so again i ask Is there a trick to makin this thing quieter?
Yeah I can understand but when I'm hit I jump out of fire get my orange hat out, raise my gun with the hat over the barrel...

but I understand your point !
to make it quieter, you could upgrade it with quieter parts but I don't know much about it
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