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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Not for civilians means that they are classified as replica firearms and are prohibited for import, unless you have a prohibited goods permit. But, this permit isn't issued to civilians, hence these products are not for civilians.

Basically in Canada,

A replica Airsoft gun is only legal for import if it shoots a 0.2g 6mm BB within 407-785FPS. At this range they are classified as uncontrolled firearms.

If it shoots under this range, it's a replica firearm, and is prohibited.

If it shoots above this range, it's a controlled firearm and you need a PAL and firearm registration.

For more legality info, please see

So this is why guns are shipped with a M140 shooting at 450FPS? I know SRC internals are of quality parts, but such a strong spring isn't necessarily to prove anything. This essentially means that every customer must dissemble their new gun down into the gearbox and swap the spring in order to play at any fields across Canada.

Meanwhile, any news on a Gen 4? It's like buying an iPhone 3GS only to realize that two months later the iPhone 4 comes out.

Edit: According to SRC website, there's really no such thing as Gen 3 Pro. The only differences, as advertised by 007, are the full metal receiver, 6.03mm tightbore and the M140 spring. Clearly the spring upgrade (from the original 330FPS) was made, possibly by the manufacturer, so that these guns can be imported into Canada. But Ken, is the tightbore really different than the previous Gen 3's 6.05mm?

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