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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Not for civilians means that they are classified as replica firearms and are prohibited for import, unless you have a prohibited goods permit. But, this permit isn't issued to civilians, hence these products are not for civilians.

Basically in Canada,

A replica Airsoft gun is only legal for import if it shoots a 0.2g 6mm BB within 407-500FPS. At this range they are classified as uncontrolled firearms.

If it shoots under this range, it's a replica firearm, and is prohibited.

If it shoots above this range, it's a controlled firearm and you need a PAL and firearm registration.

For more legality info, please see

*Corrected*Anything hotter than 500FPS and you'll need your firearms license. I also think the "not for civilians" tag is misleading, since owning a prohibited goods license doesn't invalidate you civilian status. Neither does being a full time soldier qualify you for easier access to airsoft guns.

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