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Originally Posted by QKLee11 View Post
Bought a SRC H&K 416 from Ken last month, arrived in Toronto 3 days later, lipo ready, shoots hard and fast...can't wait to game outside when the weather gets better, want to see how durable it is...price was very reasonable Ken...will be compairing this model to the KWA model M 4 I have this the meantime give Ken's product a try.


As for the KWA's that are available in Canada, I found that it is unreasonable to include a non-metal cylinder head with only one o-ring. I had to replace a few of those for customers who were expected an aluminum or steel cylinder head with double o-rings, for the money they paid.

Even the SRC Gen III gives you aluminum cylinder head with double o-ring to make sure the air seal is perfect, and the cylinder head nozzle won't bend and break like it will on the plastic ones !
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