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Wow, I've seen something Absolutely weird with Can post !
So, I accept a trade for a gun with someone......
He sends his gun to me, I do the same.
Now, I actually am a tracking freak, I check like every hour !
Now, my gun is supposed to get to him on the 24th, good !
But, as I check, I see this on the tracking details :

2011/02/23 AM SAINTE-MARIE Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.
06:59 SAINTE-MARIE Item out for delivery
2011/02/22 19:05 QUEBEC Item processed at postal facility
14:54 SAINTE-MARIE Item accepted at the Post Office

As you see, my package went from Ste-Marie, to Quebec city, back to ste-marie, then, today, to me !
What The fuck, Canada Post ??? Really ?
So I sent I don't know how many excuses to my trader, like, I knew Canada post was shitty, but not like that !
O_O, I'll be going to bed angry now !!
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