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People who assume that since some, maybe even most 12-14 year olds are stupid whiny kids who leech off their parents and skipped all their english classes to shoot themselves in the face with some clearsoft. Well, I guess most people my age are in fact stupid and spoiled, but still, typing most or some takes only 1 more letter then all.
You didn't even finish the first sentence. And I think it's more of a "I've been there and I wouldn't have let myself play thing". I mean, I discovered airsoft when I was 10, found ASC when I was 13, and I was completely obsessed with it. I started saving then for gear and guns, I just couldn't wait to play. It was a terrible wait, but now that I'm 18, I'm really happy they don't allow kids to play. It would be terrible. Looking back on myself at that age, even though I was a mature kid, I wouldn't have wanted myself to play. That's what paintball's for.

So my advice is to just wait until your 18, it will take a long time and require a lot of patience, but you'll eventually be able to play and trust me, it will all be worth it.
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