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Thankfully people have made this thread to satisfy our unique venting needs.

I've been in a constant battle to get my parcels delivered (Of which there seems to be a lot in the last few months with Christmas and online purchases).

Fort McMurray is cold. I get this. Ice and snow can be dangerous. This I also understand. What I fail to comprehend is the inability for Canada Post to find my address and delivery my parcel under the following conditions:
  • Cleared and salted my walkway.
  • Addressed all my packages to the correct basement suite designation used to successfully deliver my mail countless times before - "B" and as an extra step "Rear Entrance" listed every time.
  • House number clearly visible
  • Someone is home at ALL times
  • The upstairs tenant is home near all the time (Pregnant) and knows where I live.
  • Purolator (Canada Post owned as I understand it), DHL, and Greyhound do all right.
Have I ever received a DNC (Delivery Notification)? No sir, I have not. It comes in the mail at sporadic intervals. My local Mac-store outlet does not allow me to pick it up without this, as they are incompetent despite Canada Post assuring me I may do this. I have resorted to phoning for DNC numbers and this seems to work most of the time.

Well I decided to take matters in my own hands and ship a package to myself with VERY clear instructions on how that little brown box will make it to my door. Such things as “Rear Entrance” and little helpful things like a map and a step by step guide to get to my house were put on the package. Lots of highlighter green was used. Arrows, oh were there arrows…

I thought it was fairly clever but I failed to realize that the box was the exact same size as the parcel box in my mailbox thing (CMU?). I face palmed pretty hardcore when I opened that door up and saw it sitting quite snug in there. Took a lot of work to get it out unfortunately. Well played Canada Post, well played.

Oh well, I’ve got a complaint in to them and I hope I never have to find a package requiring a signature left on my neighbors porch again or else I might waste a large amount of money on a HUGE box that they cannot possibly fit inside that CMU.

Hope you enjoyed my read as much as I enjoyed getting paid hourly to write it.
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