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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
They'll nail you to a wall with smuggling if they inspect the packace since it's pretty blatant the package was mislabelled.

Lets run with SniperSam's analogy say you want to import Mahogany (assuming it's illegal for import)
It's illegal at certain times, based on what's happening in the country where it is grown, i.e. the Dominican Republic, where a bulk of Mahogany timber is grown and harvested from, and also tends to yield the best looking wood "pre-finish."

After the earthquakes struck Haiti, it was very hard to get Mahogany into and out of the USA, based on some grey-zone import laws, where the wood couldn't get into the USA without a special permit (meaningless bull crap)

And yes, that example is a valid one, at times you must state the specific species of which you are importing
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