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Originally Posted by Juke16 View Post
I know a guy at my school who ordered several guns from them (not that I'm condoning it), and he says that the guy ships through false names and labels the packages under things like "a miniature train", "RC Helicopter", and other harmless stuff. If you get caught you're going to get arrested for smuggling a prohibited item.
They'll nail you to a wall with smuggling if they inspect the packace since it's pretty blatant the package was mislabelled.

Lets run with SniperSam's analogy say you want to import Mahogany (assuming it's illegal for import) and you label it as something like Oak or something, if the inspectors open the package and find out it's not what the manifest says then you're going to get nailed by them and likely be put on some list somewhere if not charged for smuggling.
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