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I.e. which means in other words, was the start of an example.

If "they" (essentially anyone) mis label the package and it get's opened, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, it will be seized, you black listed, and you'll be slapped with a hefty fine

And thank you Bloodsport for helping to prove my point. Sometimes it is illegal to import (usually tropical woods such as Mahogany), Other times, it's hard (almost illegal) to export native woods such as Cedar.

Originally Posted by Danke View Post
The whole cross border gig is a nightmare. Stuff you can't export, stuff you can't import, stuff you can import but can't re-export after it's touched by a Canadian, and more.
In my 7 years of importing and exporting, the extra money we have to pay here is well worth the frustration that ASC retailers' importers have to go through
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