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If you play in wooded erea, snow shoes should be brought along. You might need them.

I played last weekend and I kept them on all day. Some took them off, but they kinda stayed in the trails, wich is great for me, they are easyer to shoot.

I don't use white camo unless I will be ambushing in prone position in snow. I wear the usual camo that match with the erea. Last weekend we where in full OD and it was adequat in dense terrain. The other team was in white and I could see them moving from far away.

White camo is used to cross large open field or to travel in moutain. Not for wooded erea. It's also, depending on the light and temperature, too white and shiny compared to the snow. So people hiding using only their camo are very easy to spot.

Playing during the winter is very fun. It require a different preparation, gear wise. But it's great!

Here some winter sniping from last week. YouTube - Sniper en hiver. 2011

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