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Originally Posted by moptrf View Post
These new G&G are all metal?
The G&G MAX Series is the newest line of Full Metal G&G rifles in Canada! These are some of the most powerful and fully upgraded rifles on the market today. Due to the very realistic appearance and extreme power, we recommend this product to the most experienced players only.

The G&G M4 MAX Series features:

* Full Metal Upper and Lower Receiver
* Torque-Up Reinforced Gears
* G&G High Torque Motor
* Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide
* Reinforced Piston
* High Compression Metal Piston Head
* Reinforced Metal Cylinder Head
* Low Resistance Silver Wiring
* Tight Bore Barrel (6.04mm)

But i will wait to be AV,
Thanks again
For that ame price you van get yourself a Classic Army or many other brands which are far superior to G&G.

Its good that you are willing to wait until after you are AV'd to buy even if you decide to with the G&G in the end.

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