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Not surprising. The guys on my team talk about Mason-Relic non-stop. I could see this event growing to rival Berget in Sweden.

Al, for those who can come by on Friday, will there be any opportunity to go through registration and get our guns crono'd?

BTW, while most of my team is staying at a hotel just minutes away from the field, I'm bringing my family along, and we'll be staying in Regina. For others with families, think about doing the same thing. Regina is only an hour away, so while you're playing airsoft your family can relax around a hotel pool or go shopping in the Queen City.

In 2010 we were getting as many players Chrono'd on Friday as possible to save time on Saturday morning. The same will be done this year.

As far as families go, don't forget the mineral spa in Moose Jaw as well, and the tunnels.
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