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I order alot from the States and Hong Kong for other hobbies. If you order from the US have everything shipped USPS (not UPS) and it will cost you $5 for brokerage and you will have to pay the PST and GST. If it comes UPS by mistake you can call UPS and tell them you will cleart it yourself. You will have to pick up the "yellow paper" take it to Canada Customs and pay the PST and GST. If it has a duty charge, like clothing you will have to pay duty as well. This will save you the horendous UPS brokerage fees. If you are in a hurry you can use the overnight UPS from the states, usually $40 or so and they cover the brokerage fees for that.
Sometime Fed Ex will whack you with charges a month after your order comes so save the original packing lists and paperwork and clear it at Canada customs yourself.

If you order EMS from Hong Kong, no duty no GST no PST and I have no idea why.
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