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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
haha no idea, I googled, and found it...

There was also a 15% off, and a 20% off, but yeah 30% off is more worth it obviously. (You can't stack hehe, I tried to find a way T.T)

It says no expiration date but you never know. It says up to maximum of 5 items, so if you got a friend, you could save on shipping... brokerage just base it on that pdf file I posted before. (You are very likely to be charged brokerage with Fedex, so count that in.)

Taxes sometimes I have had to pay, sometimes I haven't so that I'm not sure, I'll let you know when I receive mine Tuesday.

I am likely going to TAC 11, and could probably bring mine for you to try on. (mine is asian fit)

Oh btw: It shouldn't be expiring soon I think since it was posted Feb 2, 2011 on that site... So probably for the next few months it will probably still be there... *but no guarantees hehe*

Sizing should probably be similar if not the same to the Desert Locusts.
I'm pretty sure you will pay brokerage fees.

It would be nice if you willing to let me try on those at TAC11. Hopefully, the code doesn't expire..till then I'll pm ya when TAC11 nears by.
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