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I got one and i my experience was:

-full metal
-good weight
-decent fps/range for outdoor
-rof is "okay"
-working bolt catch
-exterior and internal stuff are all standard TM compatible
-new design of anti reversal latch (makes putting the gearbox back together over 9000% easier)

-metal body is kinda cheap feeling and not the best. But better than plastic right?
-the blowback mechanism is not designed for prolong use. The 2 screws that hold the "bolt" down gets killed pretty fast. doesnt impede anything while the gun is intact but when you open it it kinda comes off
-some parts MAY require some modding/sanding/spacing to fit perfectly eg: Magpul MIAD grip and after market hop up (i lost mine so replaced with SRC)

Hope this helps with your decision

EDIT: most mags are loose in this gun. I use magpul Pmags and they work flawlessly
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