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haha no idea, I googled, and found it...

There was also a 15% off, and a 20% off, but yeah 30% off is more worth it obviously. (You can't stack hehe, I tried to find a way T.T)

It says no expiration date but you never know. It says up to maximum of 5 items, so if you got a friend, you could save on shipping... brokerage just base it on that pdf file I posted before. (You are very likely to be charged brokerage with Fedex, so count that in.)

Taxes sometimes I have had to pay, sometimes I haven't so that I'm not sure, I'll let you know when I receive mine Tuesday.

I am likely going to TAC 11, and could probably bring mine for you to try on. (mine is asian fit)

Oh btw: It shouldn't be expiring soon I think since it was posted Feb 2, 2011 on that site... So probably for the next few months it will probably still be there... *but no guarantees hehe*

Sizing should probably be similar if not the same to the Desert Locusts.

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