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the blow back does not impede performance whatsoever makes the gun a little louder. as the piston gets drawn back, the cover for the breach moves as well, if you half cycle, the cover will cover only half of the breach. very easy to check and make sure you have the spring decompressed after. the body make is solid. expect to run an 11.1 lipo without doing a complete overhaul on the gearbox. it comes with polycarbonate bushings and no shim job hence the only thing to turn the piston. I am running a 11.1 for over a year now and my teeth on my gears and piston are immaculate.

The gun would not run stock for me with a 8.4V or a 9.6V, only 11.1 lipo. where there was not enough power to turn the gears with the 9.6V Ni-MH it meant the gearbox has enough resistance to keep the revoloutions to a minimum with the lipo which prevents overspin. the overspin is the main culprit for tearing up your piston teeth.

If you did want to run other wise get metal bushings and do a good shim/lube job. youtube and google are your friends for that.

The stock barrel is 6.08mm which is crap so get a tight bore!!!

In the meanwhile i see you are fairly new so check the faq's forum rules and you should be able to find an age verifier for you area to get in contact with!

Cheers and welcome to ASC

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