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Originally Posted by Double|Rainbow View Post
I was wondering how much primary ammunition a airsofter should have in a regular shoot em up game? I was thinking around 1800, or 6 m4 hi-caps, but am not really sure due to lack of experience. So, guidance would be appreciated.
Depends on what you play with and how long the games are. Obviously if yu game a support gun you will shoot more than someone gaming a BA. It never hurts to carry more mags unless you are carrying so many it slows you down. When I play I usually bring 8 x 130 rd mid-caps with me. I seldom go through more than 4 in a day unless there are some long fire fights. But you will notice that the more experianced you get the less you seem to shoot. You will notice more experianced players tend to shoot semi only or save auto for room clearing.
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