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I'll also recommend first hand experience before you commit.

I love my M9, but a lot of people don't because they feel the grip is too big.

I love the look of the USP, but found it uncomfortable for me, while the Desert Eagle was too narrow. Aside the M9, I love the quasi perfect fit of a 1911 in my hands. Glocks are ok, but only the G17. G32 is too short.

So you see, this is a very subjective topic. To each his own. You have to balance between handling and looks. Kinda like a car.

The fact you are looking at TM for a first buy is a good idea, they perform well and are reliable.

Try to handle as many as you can. If you ask nicely, people will be more than willing to let you fondle their pride and joy.

Also remember that you can, on most models, install a Hogue-style overgrip or full replacement grips, like this :

Happy shopping.
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