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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
Your missing the whole point, there is already forum guidlines dealing with how sales threads are to be edited once the items are sold. If more people would actually follow them it would work a lot better. As periodically one of us admins get some time away from cleaning up all the other trolls and crap on the boards, actually get a chance to skim the sold threads and move them to the archives.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, use the one thats already set up.
Agreed Completely.

Its like these people that run the site have a job, and a life! OMG!

Oh, and BTW Dart. This is the newbie thread ...... no need to post useless information that helps no-one. Don't you think I know that the mods have a life. I read about it EVERY SINGLE DAY when people complain about not being AV'd yet. Keep the retorts to a minimum please. Thank You.
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When you are limited, your mind takes over. When you are in abundance, your mind goes blank.
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Long story short:
If your gun is in Canada, leave it in Canada.
If your gun is not in Canada, leave it outside of Canada.
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