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Originally Posted by FACE View Post
You're missing the whole point of putting the "SOLD" in the subject heading.

I wouldn't have to open a sales thread, go up to "EDIT" > "FIND" > enter "Banana or Sold" and than hit "FIND".

Why would I do that for every sales thread I want to read. It would be just as quick to just scroll through the whole post.

Here's an example.
Your missing the whole point, there is already forum guidlines dealing with how sales threads are to be edited once the items are sold. If more people would actually follow them it would work a lot better. As periodically one of us admins get some time away from cleaning up all the other trolls and crap on the boards, actually get a chance to skim the sold threads and move them to the archives.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, use the one thats already set up.
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