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Originally Posted by Padkiller View Post
I hear you, but understand our frustration !
It takes just 10 seconds to "update" the thread !
I did understand the frustration years ago when i was new to ASC. I have adapted to remove the frustration and thus anger and stress, its not good for you! :P

I can see where you are coming from, but like I have said, people are not going to change, you have to adapt, and its only takes a few seconds to visually look for sold or banana before even reading anything else on the thread or even less time using the tools provided to you in the browser.

Originally Posted by FACE View Post
There's an ad in the Classifieds right now that has been posted 7 times for the same gun.
So report it? This shit happens because posts are NOT REPORTED. Mods dont have time to sift though the classifieds and look for this stuff. It's up to the community to report posts against the rules. This fact is encouraged in the rules thread.
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