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Originally Posted by dokternik View Post
Wow sarcasm problems bud

Im not wanting to re paint it, I just like the metal/silver finish.
I don't really care if MEU's are not technically silver/black. I just don't really like that the tan and the MEU is the only pistol I can get.
May be you should drop the attitude ''Bud''...

I just asked you why you would do that to a Meu...
And give a an example of what you are trying to achieve.
For a lot of people here a tan/black Meu is better than a black/silver which don't exist. Anyway you will have to redo the finish on the polished slide once a while if you go that road... as it will oxide.

Yes 2 tone 1911 (user made) look great for a couple of month... then...
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