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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
I've never been to a winter game before, but I love snow. Everytime I walk on knee deep snow, I think to myself, "This would be great for an Airsoft game." I'm just wondering if there are many outdoor games in the winter around Toronto, and if there are, do many people attend in contrast to summer? Also, to those with experience, is a pure white snow camouflage better or brown(tree bark)? I know different fields have different features, but which one is safer for "all around" use?

Another thing, do airsofters wear regular coats in the winter? I'm sure my BDU won't be very snow repellent in the winter, but do people buy special CANPAT camouflage patterned jackets or whatnot?
I played last week at the Frozen Sniper 2 game at Petawawa Airsoft. I got myself a set of white camo from Globalarmysurplus for $40. It worked pretty well. It is made of nylon, so has some water repellency. The temperature was around -5 C, so it wasn't cold. The host had driven down the trails with his snowmobile to help pack the snow down. But, the snipers weren't on the trails, so we had to get off the trail and hunt them in the bush (knee deep snow). Its actually quite difficult to see someone when they are dressed in white and they are not moving (standing or crouched down). However, when they are moving, then the white blob blocking out the trees is a dead give away.
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